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What are E-Statements? 

Delivery of one’s account statements delivered via email.  An account statement presented in an electronic format.

Benefits of E-Statements:

  • Easy Access: View your statements from the FirstCCU Mobile App or online with your Home Banking Login
  • Fast way to receive your statements: Receive your statements as soon as they are available
  • Reduces clutter: No more statements/documents to shred with your personal information
  • Secure: Secured by your home banking information and your personal email address. Paper mail could be sent to the wrong address, or opened physically
  • Saves the environment: Reduces greenhouse gases, saves trees, reduces paper use
  • Saves Money: Switching to E-Statements may help you avoid fees 

How to sign up for E-Statements:

  1. Go to Home Banking Login
  2. Login using your information
  3. Make sure you are under the “Home Banking” tab
  4. Click “Statements”
  5. Click “Change eStatements Preferences”
  6. Make sure that “eStatement Enrollement Option” is Enabled
  7. Enter in your email address or verify that the email address provided is correct
  8. Click “Continue”

            Home Banking Login

OR CALL US AT 608-362-9077 with your account number ready

                E-Statment Agreement 

How to view your E-Statements:

Home Banking:

  1. Click "Home Banking" Tab
  2. Click "Statements"
  3. "View Your eStatements"

FirstCCU Mobile App:

  1. Go to "Accounts"
  2. Press the account you want to view the statement for
  3. Press "Documents"
  4. Choose the statement you want to view

Download the FirstCCU Mobile App:

Download the FirstCCU App on the Google Play Store!Download the FirstCCU App on the App Store!