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One Day Sale




First 6 People in Line
0% APR* up to 60 months1

First Million in Loans
0.99% APR* up to 60 months2

Until 1PM
1.99% APR* up to 72 months3
700 or Better Credit Score

2.99% APR* and above for remaining qualifying applications.
Rates and terms above 2.99% depend on individual qualifications4

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Saturday, November 13 | 9am-1pm
New Beloit Location Only - 1555 Willowbrook Rd. Beloit, WI
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Loans are to be secured, personal loans up to a maximum of $40,000.00 for the 0.00% and 0.99%.
No mortgage applications will qualify for Black Friday Event rates or terms; however, they will be accepted for consideration 

* Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
1 Only the first six (6) qualifying, in-person, and approved applications get 0.00% APR.  Credit score of 700 and above to qualify.
2 Remaining qualifying In-person approved application, up to an aggregate of $1 million dollars of loan approvals, will receive the 0.99% APR, $40,000 maximum amount of secured loan.  Credit score of 700 and above.
3 After 0.00% and 0.99% filled, then all remaining qualifying applications receive 1.99% APR until the sale ends, no dollar limit on size of individual secured loans.  Minimum credit score of 700 and above.
4 Thereafter, NO maximum limits on dollar amount or number of QUALIFYING secured loans for the 2.99% and above rates.

No refinancing on existing FirstCCU loans; Limits to 0.00% and 0.99% as described
Rates and terms will be based on credit qualification and items being purchased or refinanced.  Length of term may vary by year, model & mileage. 
New customers must become members of FirstCCU.  
No online applications accepted. All valid IN-PERSON applications must be submitted no later than 1:00pm CST on 11/13/2021
In-house closings available at any FirstCCU location within 30 days from 11/13/2021
Federally insured by National Credit Union Association (NCUA)